About Us

UK Slipform was formed by the current Directors and is the longest established Slipform contractor in the UK.  It was recognised that the UK was running out of space and the future was to construct taller buildings in less ground space.  It was also noted that the construction industry had no independent Slipform operator offering this unique service to all construction companies, guaranteeing confidentiality to all. UK Slipform has in the last 10 years grown to be the UK’s leading Slipform operator carrying out projects ranging from £50k to £2m plus throughout the United Kingdom. We have over the last 10 years invested heavily in staff and site personnel, and increased our equipment levels to 1000 plus lifting points.  We have also constructed our purpose built premises in Derbyshire to enable us to reach the whole of the UK. The directors are forward thinking and have a vigorous growth plan, setting their sights on the future development of the company.  We are investing in new technology, equipment, continued training of personnel and guaranteeing safety and quality for our customers old and new for years to come. UKS have a wealth of experience in the general contracting, RC frame and Slipform construction fields of the construction industry.  Experience gained from the design and operation of Slipform ranging in size from small silos up to the largest in Europe is available within the company. UKS site personnel are all time served Slipform professionals with years of experience in both the UK and overseas Slipform industries. All UKS site personnel are CSCS accredited. Every project featured on our website has a structure or structures Slipformed by UKS using a rig designed, supplied and operated by UKS. Our experience comes from all these aspects and is not derived from merely providing labour to a Slipform or hiring in a subcontractor.

Why Slipform?

Slipform construction offers unrivalled performance in terms of speed and accuracy of construction and the safe construction of high rise RC structures. Using Slipform techniques the vertical core elements of multi storey RC frames may be removed from the floor construction cycle and away from the programme critical path. The speed of Slipform allows critical resources to be freed up for other tasks in a much speedier manner than that allowed by other forms of construction. Slipform is normally programmed at a conservative rate of rise of 2.5m per 12 hour shift however this is frequently bettered by some considerable margin. Choosing Slipform enables contractors to benefit from a reduced programme in many different ways.  It increases the speed of core construction by on average 75%, whilst also benefitting from a greater accuracy.

Why UK Slipform?

  • UK Slipform is a privately owned company completely independent of any other construction concern and as such is able to offer Slipform services to the market with a guarantee of confidentiality and best value.
  • We are the market leaders in the UK
  • We offer a full design service including risk management and backup package.
  • UK Slipform has a wealth of experience in all aspects of reinforced concrete
  • Our Slipform rigs consist of a 3 deck system with 6 tonne jacks on 48mm tube. (in some instances the tube can be removed)
  • We have in house fabrication facilities ensuring that we can cater for projects of any shape.
  • We have excellent safety records and are the only Slipform provider to insist it’s operators have a recognised qualification to perform safely and efficiently to industry standards for Slipforming.
  • UK Slipform has an in-house team dedicated to rigorously training our operatives in all aspects of Slipforming.

What We Do

  • Service cores
  • Lift & stair shafts
  • Silos
  • Straight & tapering chimneys
  • Single sided shaft liners
  • Unusual geometry
  • EFW bunkers
  • Nuclear bunkers
  • Concrete gravity structures
  • Bridges


Cores Created

Height Formed

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